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April 21 - 24, 2005

The Mysteries of Vedic Mathematics:
Sacred Geometry Squares and the Golden Mean

with Jain from Australia

DAY 2 - Art and the Magic Squares (April 22nd)

There is a treasure house of knowledge encoded within these harmonic matrixes that the ancients knew and hid. Magic Squares for thousands of years have fascinated many cultures and many great minds like Benjamin Franklin and Albrecht Durer. The ancient mystery schools adored their richness of symbolism. The 3x3 square is known as the Lo Shu in Tibetan and Taoist Calendars and Cosmology. The ancient Indian seers referred to as a Space Matrix or Code that governed the sacred architecture of their Temple's. In effect, the Lo-Shu is the simplest blueprint that unifies all complex Life components. Not only is it linked to the workings of the D.N.A molecule but it is part of our Ascension Process.

• Learn how to transform numbers into Art.
• Understanding Higher Knowledge through the Language of Shape.
• Learn the patterned language of our Universe!
• Learn Ancient symbols of Order amidst Chaos.

The Art of the Magic Squares
Translating Numbers Into Art

Magic Squares are ancient boxes of numbers whose sums of rows, columns and diagonals all add up to the same sum. This matrix represents Perfect Equality in all directions or dimensions. Elegant or aesthetically pleasing patterns can be created when a long, continuous line is joined in arithmetical order from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 etc. to the last number. This is how Mathematics is transformed into Art. This line connecting such consecutive or sequential numbers is the backdoor into the world of Atomic Art or Nuclear Geometry, arriving at scientifically verified atomic structures. Order is created out of Chaos.

The Latin axiom: e pluribus, unum‚ applies in Feng Shui and Magic Squares, meaning: Out of the Many, the One. Each individual part or cell of any system, whether it be crystal or human must be honored in respect to the Greater Whole, in all Time, in all Space unconditionally.

The ancient Magic Square of 3 x 3 (also known as the "Lo-Shu" in ancient China, C17th BC) is also the center of the Tibetan Calendar/Cosmology. It is a timeless mathematical harmonic whose sums of the columns, rows and diagonals all add up to and vibrate to 15. Symbolically the Magic Square creates Order amidst Chaos, and Equality in All Dimensions.

One definition of Feng Shui details the aesthetic placement of objects; this is similar to the divine order of the placement of numbers in a magic square. Notice that all the pairs around the center of the magic square of 3x3 have a sum of double the central cell. That is, 1 and 9 =10, 2 and 8 =10, 3 and 7 =10, 4 and 6 =10.

Ancient Card Puzzle: There are 9 playing cards in front of you.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

How can you align them so that the 3 vertical columns, the 3 horizontal rows and the 2 diagonals all add up to the same number?

The solution below is one of 8 possible arrangements:
6 1 8
7 5 3
2 9 4

The oldest known record in print is from China, 5,000 years, known as The Lo-Shu and is the emblem or badge for the Feng Shui community who seek harmony in the placement of things.

Symbolic of searching for Order amidst the Chaos, draw a long and continuous line from 1, to 2 to 3 , etc., to the last number 9, in sequential or consecutive or natural counting order. A specific Yantra or Pattern is created. This mere act of Transforming Numbers into Art has subtly shifted you from the logical Left Brain realm of Numbers to the creative, picturesque Right Brain realm. This simple activity has created fusion of the left and right brain, now called Whole-Brain Learning.

It transpires, upon further superimposition of the same pattern upon itself, at various angles like 90 and 45 degrees etc. that the patterns begin to resemble specific Atomic Structures of Rutile, and Platinum Crystal, and Beryllium etc. . For this reason, a new realm of knowledge has emerged known as Atomic Art. What this does is to put side by side the Scientist's Tunneling Microscope diagrams alongside the Mystic's Yantras or Magic Square diagrams and conclude without doubt that they are identical. Importantly, this bridges the Physics with the Metaphysics, and East with West. This places Mathematics as a strong candidate for the worlds' evolution towards a Universal Language, all through the hidden secrets of the humble Magic Square.

Magic Squares have appeared in old Essene Bibles, where Jesus apparently referred to the Divine Kingdom in terms of the Magic Square of 7 x 7, where The Above is the same as The Below, where The Left is the same as The Right, where everyone is equal, for if you were to take out only one number, the magic square would become disharmonic. In this sense, it is a symbol of community, of society, where we need the baker, the plumber, the nurse and encouraged to develop a sense of Gratitude for the underlying structural Unity of all Life. The Magic Square therefore defines perfect Equality in all aspects, in all Dimensions, "e pluribus unum" meaning, "Out of the Many, the One.

There is a treasure house of knowledge encoded within this harmonic matrix that the ancients knew and hid. Magic Squares for thousands of years have fascinated many cultures and many great minds like Benjamin Franklin and Albrecht Durer.

Many sacred symbols emerge when the original Magic Square Pattern or Yantram (singular of Yantra which is the plural) is rotated upon itself. Like snowflakes, millions of Magic Squares can be created. There are 8 permutations of the primal 3x3 Magic Square known also as The Lo-Shu from China 4,000 years ago. There are 880 permutations of the 4x4 Magic Square, but as we get to the 5x5s and 6x6s there are millions! Mathematics is a Universal Language. That means that it will always exist, without decay or corruption.

As Pythagorus said, in the 6th century BC,

- Why was it at the center of the Tibetan Calendar/Cosmology
(Time Code / Applications in Time Travel)?

- Why did AmbaJi, of the Hindu pantheon, the ancient goddesses of Creation (the universe flows through her breast), have as her tantric symbol, this Magic Square of 3x3, which has 8 possible permutations?

- And which Buddha, in his enlightenment, described in detail the 8 sided nature of subatomic molecules: the "Acta-Kalapos". Durga and Kali and Shakti etc. have variations of the same.

- Why is it that when you translate NUMBERS INTO ART, by drawing a long connecting line, from 1 to 2 to 3 etc. to the last number, that elegant and phi-ratioed patterns appear? That when tiled or tessellated, produce the atomic structure of Diamond (which is verified by the clairvoyant drawings of the Occult Chemists: Charles Leadbeater and Annie Besant.

- Why is it that the pattern for the Magic Square of 11x11 is almost identical to the Ley Line Grid developed by Bruce Cathy, a New Zealand pilot, which was originally the jig-saw-puzzle-map of UFO sightings in his area?

- Why did Professor Searl, of the UK, have his work on levity discs and over-unity generators banned? The metals of his generators for the spacecraft he built were intimately related, by proportion, to the atomic table of elements and to the opposing pairs of the above Magic Square of 3x3, e.g.,: notice that all pairs around the central cell have a sum of 10, thus 2 parts gold was alloyed with 8 parts silver, or 3 parts titanium to 7 parts nickel.

- Why did King Solomon the Rabbi, design his Seal based on the 3 rows of the above Magic Square being translated into a Natural Square of 3 (that has its numbers in Counting Order)?

In this day lesson, you will superimpose a Magic Square of 7x7, by rotation of 90 degrees upon itself, to reveal ancient symbols at its center: the Hindu Peace Symbol of the Swaztika nesting within the Christian Cross! The ancient Essenes adored the richness of symbolism within these Mystic Squares and gave accounts or Parables of Jesus (Isa or Iesu) that related to our sense of community symbolized by the magic square, that each person, so positioned, has a divine role to play, that if one number was taken away or moved, it would no longer be magical, to realize 'Order amidst the Chaos', and the ancient axiom:
"As Above.. so below"

Sacred Mandalas, Magic Squares and Atomic Art

"Mandal" is the "world", as you know from other languages like in French: le Monde. Most mandalas have a geometric center, the Source of Creation, and from this radiates all Life. Eastern teachers state that the Mandala is really a 3-Dimensional object descriptive of the World, and what westerners call 'mandala' is really a Yantra. A Yantra is the 2-Dimensional view, or the shadow of the Mandala. A Yantra is the Artwork, the Power-Lines, the Black and the White of the 3D Mandala. Yantra's psychoactive lines conducts psychic essences infused by Yogi or designer or artist in a sacred space, so the goal of the simple Yantra is to make the complex and Invisible Mandala, visible. Thus the Yantra of the Triangle is really the Mandala of the Tetrahedron, and the Circle is the Sphere. By understanding this concept, this connection of 2D to 3D, the neophyte can tap into the 4D, and the 5-Dimensional realities, to ultimately conclude that there is no separation, no dimensions, only Oneness as symbolize by the Mandala.

A Yantra is charged by one's thoughts and intentions. That is why yogis and yoginis construct them on the full-moon, whilst fasting or celibate, and create the actual diagram in datura juice, at specific times of the day and year determined by astrological highlights. Its sacred in the sense that all your energies are focused on just that activity of Yantra Creation, as all Manifestation arises through pure thought.
(Definition By Jain, 2005)

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